Monday, December 6, 2010

Workflowy > this

Workflowy does a better job of this than a blog does.

Also, I host my own blog now. It's here.


Monday, November 2, 2009

what I have to do

In no particular order...

  • School
    1. Databases
    2. 3750 stuff
    3. Networking 3
    4. Modelling 3
    5. sign up for compilers (and other courses)
    6. drop english
    7. osap application

  • Job
    1. Check the coursework forums
    2. don't forget to go in late wednesday
    3. brush up on my mad javascript skills yo

  • Home
    1. continue cleaning room
    2. do laundry
    3. set up computer
    4. fix network cable
    5. figure out how heating works
    6. take out some trash
    7. eat some of my yummy yummy food

  • Self
    1. Teeth
    2. Awesome
    3. Reading mah books
    5. Kevin needs his multitool back
    6. play some piano
    7. write some stuff (keep up the blogging you're doing well)
    8. make another art.
    9. get lots of sleep :)

Good luck!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bring in expense related stuff
meeting with David on Monday at 1
You want to make a new function and use that. No really.
do laundry this weekend

Sunday, August 2, 2009

les go

In no particular order...

    1. Nothing! I don't work for SOCIS any more! Hahaha

  • Senate
    1. Website thing really does need to be looked at further

  • School
    1. I have to pay them to prevent being deregistered! Thank you, list

  • CSA
    1. Don't work here any more

  • Job
    1. Keep on pushing on the DCR
    2. Contact Mr. Wooten
    3. See about getting things expensed
  • Home
    1. Dishes
    2. Take out all that trash/recycling
    3. Clean room
    4. Laundry again

  • Self
    1. Shower tomorrow!
    2. Guitar strings still
    3. More sleep on a better schedule. (it's 5:30 AM. Let's start on that!)

Good luck! (thanks, me)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Redo 2750!
Write a letter!
Read Algorithms.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


In no particular order...

    1. News Lettter?
    2. Read Minutes
    3. Buy Microwave Table
    4. Write a cheque for Matt
    5. Write cheques for Taps, phone, etc
    6. Expense Report/Budget
    7. Clean up in there
    8. Organize bookshelf
    9. SRM AGM
    10. Contact Julia Re: CS Games, Silicon Knights, Wine & Cheese Timing

  • Senate
    1. Pictures
    2. Website? ..?
    3. Fix office computer
    4. Initiative to get legislation changed?

  • School
    1. 2750 AS II Monday, Feb 2 (Wed, Feb 5)
    2. OS AS I Monday, Jan 26 (Thurs, Jan 29)
    3. DS AS III Monday, Jan 26
    4. DS Lab III Monday, Jan 26
    5. Algorithms AS I Friday, Jan 30
    6. TA-learning this week

  • CSA
    1. Louise's Mail move thing, Tuesday at 4

  • Job
    1. Email Microsoft again?
    2. Apply to RIM Jobs
    3. Apply to UoGuelph job
    4. Apply to security jobs
    5. Apply to interesting jobs
    6. Job fair on wednesday

  • Home
    1. Clean room
    2. Organize fridge stuff
    3. Organize computer
    4. Fix Eee

  • Self
    1. Read more Shadow of the Hegemon, dune books, stand, serenity
    2. Write Letters
    3. Watch Andy Richter, Cowboy Bebop, Scrubs, Big Bang Theory, Battlestar, Full Metal Alchemist, other animes, Star Treks
    4. Guitar learning
    5. Hair cut.

Good luck!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dave's Birthday 'round the 19th of January! Free the weekend!

-Game Nights and Meetings. AGM. SRM These.
Draft 10 or so other events, reduce total to 1 per exec.
Hard deadline: Have these SRMS handed in by January 15th.
Newsletters must become regular. Suggest every Sunday (meaning before people wake up Monday), or every Thursday (before people wake up Friday).
-Post topic about first meeting now we're back, frontpage it
-Microwave: Eeek! Go buy a stand and a microwave, and some cleaning products.
-Budget for CPES for this semester.
Expense report for last semester.
Payouts must be done. -- Gather up your shit, man. Talk to Hoyle about this.
-"Learning about SOCIS" at meetings
-Electing a person to go to Department meetings
Two ways of looking at this: (To be brought up at a meeting)
- Meetings aren't as interesting as they could, or perhaps should be. Why is this?
Am I sucking at Chairing? If so, what can I do to improve? Is this an issue of..
a lack of issues? Is this an issue of apathy? Is this an issue of people being
confused with regards to the things brought up at meetings? Is this something else?

- Read Robert's Rules of Order again, damnit. And Bourinot's.
- Get CS Games off the ground. This means Flashout started, teams signing up,
funding discussed, and info to be sent out in a newsletter.

-Email about pictures. "Halfway through the year, and I have X photos. Send me yours!"
-Likely other things; think about this more

-Read the forum. Think more about this.


-Student Benefits Plan Office: Go there with something concrete and good.
-Legal Resource Room: See what else can be done
-Lee Anne's account etc has to be imported into Thunderbird
-Train someone new
-Go fix the email thing that Kavinda showed you, god I don't know anything about that
-I'm sure other things

-Monday meeting for 1200.