Monday, January 5, 2009

Dave's Birthday 'round the 19th of January! Free the weekend!

-Game Nights and Meetings. AGM. SRM These.
Draft 10 or so other events, reduce total to 1 per exec.
Hard deadline: Have these SRMS handed in by January 15th.
Newsletters must become regular. Suggest every Sunday (meaning before people wake up Monday), or every Thursday (before people wake up Friday).
-Post topic about first meeting now we're back, frontpage it
-Microwave: Eeek! Go buy a stand and a microwave, and some cleaning products.
-Budget for CPES for this semester.
Expense report for last semester.
Payouts must be done. -- Gather up your shit, man. Talk to Hoyle about this.
-"Learning about SOCIS" at meetings
-Electing a person to go to Department meetings
Two ways of looking at this: (To be brought up at a meeting)
- Meetings aren't as interesting as they could, or perhaps should be. Why is this?
Am I sucking at Chairing? If so, what can I do to improve? Is this an issue of..
a lack of issues? Is this an issue of apathy? Is this an issue of people being
confused with regards to the things brought up at meetings? Is this something else?

- Read Robert's Rules of Order again, damnit. And Bourinot's.
- Get CS Games off the ground. This means Flashout started, teams signing up,
funding discussed, and info to be sent out in a newsletter.

-Email about pictures. "Halfway through the year, and I have X photos. Send me yours!"
-Likely other things; think about this more

-Read the forum. Think more about this.


-Student Benefits Plan Office: Go there with something concrete and good.
-Legal Resource Room: See what else can be done
-Lee Anne's account etc has to be imported into Thunderbird
-Train someone new
-Go fix the email thing that Kavinda showed you, god I don't know anything about that
-I'm sure other things

-Monday meeting for 1200.

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