Sunday, August 2, 2009

les go

In no particular order...

    1. Nothing! I don't work for SOCIS any more! Hahaha

  • Senate
    1. Website thing really does need to be looked at further

  • School
    1. I have to pay them to prevent being deregistered! Thank you, list

  • CSA
    1. Don't work here any more

  • Job
    1. Keep on pushing on the DCR
    2. Contact Mr. Wooten
    3. See about getting things expensed
  • Home
    1. Dishes
    2. Take out all that trash/recycling
    3. Clean room
    4. Laundry again

  • Self
    1. Shower tomorrow!
    2. Guitar strings still
    3. More sleep on a better schedule. (it's 5:30 AM. Let's start on that!)

Good luck! (thanks, me)

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